• The accuracy of the device is approx. 10 cm, which provides safety for you and your employees. The device works with the Ultra-Broadband technology.
  • As an employer, you can ensure that your employees will, in the future, be able to maintain the prescribed distances of at least 1.5 m between themselves with the help of the "distancers".
  • They respond to a request to name further possibly infected persons if necessary. [distancer Pro]
  • No local or personal data is stored.
  • No central data storage
  • You ensure data protection, as only those persons authorized by you may compare the distancer-ID with personal data.
  • You and your employees can continue working and producing safely.

Functionality of the distancer Lite:

  • The distancer is a distance warning device that uses two different signal levels to indicate when the required distances are violated using acoustic and optical warning signals.
    • Level 1: Warning distance 2 m
    • Level 2: health critical distance 1.5 m
  • This precise distance check is made possible by the device communication between several distancers.
  • The system is particularly recommended for workforces in closed functional areas.
  • The distancer Lite is subsequently upgradeable to the distancer Pro.

This gives you as an employer the opportunity to protect your employees and take the best precautions against infections.

Functionality of the distancer Pro:

  • If a distance is violated, the distancer IDs of the distancers in the critical radius are registered.
  • The contact data of the distancers are transmitted to your server via a separate gateway
  • No installation - start with a finished, individual starter set
  • Visualize chains of infection, use the evaluation for early detection.
  • The output is in a data quality necessary for the evaluation of infection paths and consists of the cumulated duration of all distance violations and the respective distancer IDs involved.

Why wear the distancer on the chest and not on the wrist?

The distancer is worn near the mouth and nose, exactly where the probability of infection is greatest. By measuring the distance on the wrist alone, a more inaccurate measurement can occur, because the length from the wrist to the middle of the body (nose) is often already 50 cm.

Distance app versus distancer

The device has no other functions and can therefore be used in areas where trade secrets are exposed. A mobile phone with Bluetooth and a distance app, on the other hand, is usually equipped with image and sound recording functions - our distancer is not.


Keep data sovereignty, the contact times of the corresponding distancer(s) are recorded and stored.

  • Pseudonymization according to DGSVO
  • Local data storage is performed
  • Separation of personal data and only access in case of infection by an authorized person.

If you have any questions about the product, simply call our hotline.

Tel.: +49 (0) 6131/ 9221-39 or send us an e-mail to sales@distancer.de

It can be assumed that the new requirements for pandemic control and the currently valid Occupational Safety and Health Act of 16.04.2020 will have to be complied with for some time to come in order to ensure the health of employees in the workplace, whether office or production.

Extract from the basic rules of occupational health and safety in Germany of 16.4.2020


3. The safety distance of at least 1.5 metres is universally maintained even during work ...! "Appropriate barriers, markings or access regulations are implemented in the companies. Where this is not possible, effective alternatives are taken."

9. Ensure company contributions to pandemic preparedness!

"... employers are developing operational routines for pandemic preparedness... in order to identify, inform and, if necessary, isolate other possibly infected persons".